So you are thinking of putting your special or services in a print ad… good idea! Here are a few pointers.

Check out the competition | What is the rest of the guys doing in your heading and field of expertise? Now, Do The OPPOSITE.  The most common mistake in advertising is people tend to follow the trend. Don’t blend in, don’t be a follower. Doing that makes you fair game as anyone else, what makes you so special that I should call you above anyone else?  If they have busy looking ads, you should look simple, if they are in full color, you have have a blackout ad.

What is your point of interest? | Always remember, when putting out an ad, you need to present the problem the customer has and then offer the answer like a message from heaven.  For example, if you have a local florist business, you should pin point your audience first, perhaps a valentines day ad.  Your ad should have points such as “You really don’t want to be the shmuck that forgot about Valentines Day do you?  Text shmuck to 4476 and we will send you a reminder a week before. AND you will get 10% off your early flower purchase. There, now who looks good?”

First, we gave the problem. Second, we gave an easy contact. Third we built a customer base, gave an answer at the same time of making a sale.

Here is one more hint…

What do you offer that differs your competition? |  So we all know you and your competition can do the same thing.  But what do you have that they don’t?  Maybe 24 hr. service, or you put booties on before your enter a client’s home, maybe you offer a good referral program, maybe you have online scheduling or even so maybe you have been in business for 50 years and have an easily reachable track record of good reviews online.  Whatever your difference, include it. It does matter.  Everyone likes pluses.

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